Web Design Essentials For Photographers by Signature Edits

Web Design Essentials For Photographers

Inside this workshop you'll learn the foundational principles of web design and the essential components of creating a website that converts leads into bookings.

Web Design Essentials For Photographers

Learn the essential principles and strategies for creating and designing a photography website that gets you more bookings.

This course will help you understand the principles of effective web design as a photographer

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What's included?

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V1 Workshop Overview.mp4
4 mins
V2 Principle 1- Focus.mp4
12 mins
V3 Principle 2 - Create Your Roadmap.mp4
10 mins
V4 Design Essentials 1.mp4
3 mins
V5 Design Essentials 2.mp4
4 mins
V6 Design Essentials 3 - Less Is More.mp4
5 mins
V7 Design Essentials 4 - Keep It Personal.mp4
4 mins
V8 Design Essentials 5 - Social Proof.mp4
7 mins
V9 Design Essentials 6 - Convenience Is King.mp4
3 mins
V10 Design Essentials 7 - Build It In Advance.mp4
14 mins
V11 Design Essentials 8 - Essential Prep.mp4
9 mins
V12 Building Your Site Essentials & Options.mp4
10 mins
V13 Wordpress Vs Squarespace And Choosing A Theme.mp4
13 mins
V14 10 Photography Web Designs You Should Copy.mp4
32 mins
V15 Optimize Your Site.mp4
16 mins
V16 - Final Thoughts.mp4
2 mins
V17 BONUS - 7 SEO Keys For Photographers.mp4
51 mins