Video Marketing: A Crash Course by Ryan at Signature Edits

Video Marketing: A Crash Course

Video Marketing: A Crash Course

There are a million photographers in your town.
Good photography only gets you so far - You need a way to stand out.

Enter video marketing - The ONE thing 99% of photographers aren't using.

Learn how to use video to outrank your competition in Google, and set yourself apart to potential clients.

Inside this workshop we'll walk through creating your first video step by step, and show you the key areas you can use video to outrank your competitors and create killer first impressions with your potential clients.

As usual, every course we sell comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee.

We literally guarantee you'll love it.

Lights - Camera - Action!
Let's do this thing.

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos


v1 The Power Of Video.mp4
5 mins
v2 Ch 1 - Equipment Overview.mp4
3 mins
v3 Ch 2 - Planning Your Content.mp4
7 mins
v5 Settings & On Camera Tips.mp4
8 mins
v6 Recording & Setup Demo.mp4
8 mins
v7 Recording Rough Cut Example.mp4
11 mins
v4 Ch 2 - Examples & Inspiration.mp4
27 mins
v10 Uploading & Final Steps!.mp4
7 mins
v8 Editing Part 1.mp4
19 mins
v9 Editing Part 2.mp4
22 mins