Video Marketing Crash Course! by Signature Edits

Video Marketing Crash Course!

Video Marketing Crash Course

There are a million photographers in your town. Good photography will only get you so far - You need a way to stand out. 
Enter video marketing - The ONE thing pretty much none of your competitions.

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos


v1 The Power Of Video.mp4
5 mins
v2 Ch 1 - Equipment Overview.mp4
3 mins
v3 Ch 2 - Planning Your Content.mp4
7 mins
v5 Settings & On Camera Tips.mp4
8 mins
v6 Recording & Setup Demo.mp4
8 mins
v7 Recording Rough Cut Example.mp4
11 mins
v4 Ch 2 - Examples & Inspiration.mp4
27 mins
v10 Uploading & Final Steps!.mp4
7 mins
v8 Editing Part 1.mp4
19 mins
v9 Editing Part 2.mp4
22 mins