SEO For Photographers: How To Show Up #1 On Google Search! by Signature Edits

SEO For Photographers: How To Show Up #1 On Google Search!

A step by step guide to showing up in google search and ranking your photography website fast!

How would you like to show up #1 in Google Search?

Our SEO workshop for photographers gives you the step by step process to getting your website ranking on google search & exploding your website traffic.

Better SEO = More people visiting your website.
More people seeing your photos = MORE BOOKINGS.

"All the real stuff, no fluff."

As a wedding photographer you’re always wanting to improve your business - investing in courses can be scary because you don’t know if it’s going to be worth your while. I’ve spent so much money in the past on other courses and I’ve been left disappointed. Ryan from Signature Edits is the real deal. He breaks everything down for you, and doesn’t hold anything back. All the real stuff, no fluff. 

Not only is the course content exceptional - The customer service is unmatched. Seriously, if you need help with something, they are ON IT, ready to help you through the bumps. 

Since taking the SEO course I’ve already noticed an uptick in traffic and have gotten published on multiple Wedding Sites. 

As soon as I finished the course, I purchased another course. To be completely honest - I don’t think I’ll trust anyone else in terms of educational investments. I’ll continue to recommend Ryan’s courses to every photographer I know.


Sam Wilde

Our SEO Workshop is about getting your website showing up in google search as quickly as possible, step by step.

Every section is broken down in simple, step by step instructional videos. 

You don't need to be a coder or a computer hacker to apply these strategies - Just someone willing to do the work and invest in yourself.

We've broken everything down to the most effective & simple steps possible to get your website ranking in google search.

You can do it the hard way and spend years figuring this all out on your own - Or you can take the fast track and get a step by step plan from people who have already ranked several photography & video businesses #1 on google search.
The choice is yours.

Is this workshop right for you?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, chances are this workshop is PERFECT for you.

Would you like to:

-Show up on Google, Yahoo & Bing
-Show up on Google maps
-Outrank your competition
-Book more photoshoots
-Make more money
-Get more traffic to your website
-Have your work published
-Build TONS of amazing client reviews
-Improve everything about your website 

"We Booked 10 Weddings in 2 months!"

Marketing in a new country meant that noone knew us this side. We also knew that it is very easy to quickly spend a large amount of money on marketing effort with little results.

We saw the detailed layouts and practical steps of the SEO course and really felt it to correspond to a lot of how we look at business, with practical know how and great passion - so we bought into it to become part of the SIGNATURE edits family and learn from those who have achieved great success.

We have been in the USA nearly 2 months now and have already been in top google page rankings for our service in our city, featured as filmmaker favorite cinematographers in LOVE STORY TV, official media partner for prime wedding expos, and the film production team for a magazine shoot.

Definitely worth investing in this tool.


Desmond Denton

What You'll Learn:

- You will learn actionable strategies to quickly improve your website's ranking

- You will learn the best ways to Rank #1 in Google Search

- You will learn how to improve website keywords, load times, and security to improve your SEO

- You will optimize your website homepage, posts and pages to improve SEO

- You will increase website traffic and engagement to improve SEO

- You will learn the proper back linking strategy that works today

- You will learn how to improve ranking with Google Maps and Google Business profiles

- You will grow your business and brand with all of the SEO best-practices that you learn in this course

If you're looking for someone to show you how to rank your website so you can dominate in google search - This course is literally MADE for you!

As usual, every course we sell comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee.

Ready to do this thing?
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What's Included?

M0 - SEO Course Intro.mp4
5 mins
MODULE 1 - Understanding SEO
M1 SEO Essentials - Understanding SEO.mp4
12 mins
M1 Step 1 Find Your Keywords.mp4
11 mins
DIY Keyword Creation Template.doc
12 KB
M1 Step 2 - Site Age.mp4
7 mins
M1 Step 3 - Active Content.mp4
9 mins
M1 Step 4 - Load Times.mp4
18 mins
M1 Step 5 - Social Shares & Engagement.mp4
10 mins
M1 Step 6 - Post & Page Optimizations.mp4
23 mins
M1 Step 7 - Homepage Optimization.mp4
8 mins
M1 Step 8 - Generating Traffic.mp4
11 mins
M1 Step 9 - Adding security and https.mp4
4 mins
M1 Step 10 - Setup Analytics + Submit Your Sitemap.mp4
7 mins
MODULE 2 - Location SEO - Google Maps & Google Business
M2 Step 1 - Register Your Google Business.mp4
5 mins
M2 Step 2 - Complete Your Google Business Profile.mp4
4 mins
M2 Step 3 - Getting Google Reviews.mp4
8 mins
Google Review Request Email Template.doc
16 KB
M2 Step 4 - Maintaining Your Maps Ranking.mp4
3 mins
MODULE 3 - Creating Content That Ranks
M3 Step 1 - Create Your Content Roadmap.mp4
11 mins
M3 Step 2 - Create Your Content!.mp4
12 mins
M3 Step 3 - Optimize Content.mp4
1 min
M3 Step 4 - Ranking Secret Weapon - VIDEO.mp4
7 mins
M3 Step 5 - Ranking with VIDEO - Part 2.mp4
15 mins
MODULE 4 - Link Building Strategies
M4 Step 1 - Building Backlinks.mp4
5 mins
M4 Step 2 - Citation Backlinks.mp4
3 mins
M4 Step 3 - Club & Membership Backlinks.mp4
4 mins
M4 Step 4 - Publication Backlinks and How To Get Published!.mp4
12 mins
M4 Step 5 - Forums & Comments.mp4
8 mins
M4 Step 6 - Vendor Links & Referrals.mp4
9 mins
Vendor Networking & Backlink Request Email Templates.doc
13 KB
M4 Step 7 - Pinterest and Social Media.mp4
9 mins
M4 Step 8 - Be Someone's Success Story.mp4
10 mins
M4 Step 9 - The MOST Important SEO Strategy!.mp4
6 mins

"The SEO modules are to die for!!!"

LOVE your products and most especially love your tutorials. You are amazing at explaining things. I appreciate how direct you are too. The SEO modules are to die for!!! I only have great things to say.


Mary Basnight

Designed for photographers - Not rocket scientists, computer coders or techno wizards.

We made this workshop for photographers who want practical step by step strategies they can apply right away. Rather than focusing on overly complicated technical explanations, we walk you through the key ingredients for success in a straightforward and practical way.
By the end of this workshop you'll have everything you need to show up at the top of google search, without needing a bachelors in computer science to do it!

Ready to build your business?

Purchase now to get instant access & start showing up on google search.

We've created this course to easily break down SEO (search engine optimization) into actionable steps.

You don't have to be a professional digital marketer or website guru to put our SEO strategies into practice.

Inside this course you'll not only learn how to rank your website with search engines, but also the keys to ranking your content on youtube, social media and anywhere online, as well as some of the best kept secrets to ranking content FAST.
By the end of this course, you'll have both a short-term and long-term plan for making sure that your website ranks #1 on Google and you have a professional SEO strategy that actually works!

100% Happiness Guarantee

We’re confident that what's inside our SEO Workshop works.

Take this course, apply what's inside and we GUARANTEE you'll see significant results.

If for any reason you're not blown away - we stand behind it with our 30 Day,
100% Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you aren’t 100% SATISFIED with the results you see after implementing our ranking strategies… Simply show us how you applied the strategies but didn't see results within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll give you all your money back.


Sound fair?

Order now & get instant access!


How much experience do I need to take this course?

No prior knowledge of SEO or Digital Marketing is required to take this course! Just a willingness to learn & put in the work required to get results. 

Will this course work for Squarespace / Wordpress / Wix etc?

Yes, yes & yes! This course is designed to give you the most essential ingredients for SEO, which means it can be applied to every type of website, social media platform or online space. Throughout this course we demonstrate primarily using wordpress, but the foundational principles of SEO can be applied no matter what web host you're using.

Who should enroll in this course?

You should enroll in this course if....

1) You're the kind of person who likes to skip the line and head straight to the results.

2) You're tired of struggling to figure things out by yourself. You just want someone to show you how.

3) You don't have time to become an SEO techno-wizard - You want the fast track so you can get back to working on your actual business!

4) You're a photographer / videographer who wants to get your business showing up on google search / online (Without taking years to do it)

Who is your instructor?

Your lead instructor is Ryan Breitkreutz, a photographer, SEO expert & digital marketer who has ranked multiple photography & video businesses #1 on Google Search. 

How will this course help you?

You'll learn how to implement all of the following strategies that improve your Google SEO. Each lesson includes practical real world examples and results to show you that these strategies actually work!

  • Choose better keywords for your website

  • Keep your website updated for better SEO ranking

  • Boost more social shares and engagement

  • Optimize your posts and images

  • Optimize your homepage

  • Create content that ranks well

  • Add security and https

  • Submit your sitemap to Google

  • Register your business on Google

  • Add your business to Google Maps

  • Use a proper backlinking strategy

  • So many more great SEO tips

Pst... Still on the fence?

Here's the truth: You can probably figure all this out on your own eventually. But its going to take you WAY longer, and you're going to make a ton of mistakes along the way. You're busy enough - Why not avoid the headache and skip the lines?

Buy the course apply whats inside, and you WILL see results.

We can't wait to see you in the course!


Signature Edits

Presets, Templates & Training To Improve Your Photography.