SEO For Photographers: How To Show Up #1 On Google Search! by Signature Edits

SEO For Photographers: How To Show Up #1 On Google Search!

Show Up On Google: The step by step guide to getting found on Google and ranking your website FAST!

How would you like to show up #1 on Google Search?

Our SEO workshop for photographers gives you the step by step process to getting your website ranking on google search & exploding your website traffic.

Better SEO = Way more visitors to your website.
More people seeing your photography = MORE BOOKINGS!

This is not a workshop for tech nerds or people with way too much time to kill. 

If you're looking for complicated & confusing coding tutorials or 75hrs of tedius tutorial videos, you'll be disappointed.

Our SEO Workshop is about getting your website showing up in google search as quickly as possible, step by step.

Every section is broken down in simple, step by step instructional videos. 

You don't need to be a coder or a computer hacker to apply these strategies - Just someone willing to do the work and invest in yourself.

We've broken everything down to the most effective & simple steps possible to get your website ranking in google search.

You can do it the hard way and spend years figuring this all out on your own - Or you can take the fast track from someone who has already done it.
The choice is yours.

Is this workshop right for you?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, chances are this workshop is PERFECT for you.

Would you like to:

-Show up on Google, Yahoo & Bing
-Show up on Google maps
-Outrank your competition
-Book more photoshoots
-Make more money
-Get more traffic to your website
-Have your work published
-Build TONS of amazing client reviews
-Improve everything about your website

SEO Strategies For Photographers.

This workshop is designed for photographers. Not rocket scientists, computer coders or tech wizards.

By the end of this workshop you'll have everything you need to show up at the top of google search.


The first 100 customers will receive the entire course for just $75!
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We’re confident that what's inside our Google Search Workshop works.

Take this course, apply what's inside and we GUARANTEE you'll see significant results!

And if for any reason you're not blown away - we stand behind it with our 30 Day,
100% Risk Free,


If for any reason you aren’t 100% SATISFIED with the results you see after implementing our ranking strategies… Simply show us how you applied the strategies but didn't see results within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll give you all your money back.


There is literally NOTHING to lose. 
Pre Order Now and build the business of your dreams.


What's included?

Video Icon 31 videos File Icon 3 files


M0 - SEO Course Intro.mp4
5 mins
MODULE 1 - Understanding SEO
M1 SEO Essentials - Understanding SEO.mp4
12 mins
M1 Step 1 Find Your Keywords.mp4
11 mins
DIY Keyword Creation Template.doc
12 KB
M1 Step 2 - Site Age.mp4
7 mins
M1 Step 3 - Active Content.mp4
9 mins
M1 Step 4 - Load Times.mp4
18 mins
M1 Step 5 - Social Shares & Engagement.mp4
10 mins
M1 Step 6 - Post & Page Optimizations.mp4
23 mins
M1 Step 7 - Homepage Optimization.mp4
8 mins
M1 Step 8 - Generating Traffic.mp4
11 mins
M1 Step 9 - Adding security and https.mp4
4 mins
M1 Step 10 - Add Schema Markup.mp4
10 mins
M1 Step 11 - Setup Analytics + Submit Your Sitemap.mp4
7 mins
MODULE 2 - Location SEO - Google Maps & Google Business
M2 Step 1 - Register Your Google Business.mp4
5 mins
M2 Step 2 - Complete Your Google Business Profile.mp4
4 mins
M2 Step 3 - Getting Google Reviews.mp4
8 mins
Google Review Request Email Template.doc
16 KB
M2 Step 4 - Maintaining Your Maps Ranking.mp4
3 mins
MODULE 3 - Creating Content That Ranks
M3 Step 1 - Create Your Content Roadmap.mp4
11 mins
M3 Step 2 - Create Your Content!.mp4
12 mins
M3 Step 3 - Optimize Content.mp4
1 min
M3 Step 4 - Ranking Secret Weapon - VIDEO.mp4
7 mins
M3 Step 5 - Ranking with VIDEO - Part 2.mp4
15 mins
MODULE 4 - Link Building Strategies
M4 Step 1 - Building Backlinks.mp4
5 mins
M4 Step 2 - Citation Backlinks.mp4
3 mins
M4 Step 3 - Club & Membership Backlinks.mp4
4 mins
M4 Step 4 - Publication Backlinks and How To Get Published!.mp4
12 mins
M4 Step 5 - Forums & Comments.mp4
8 mins
M4 Step 6 - Vendor Links & Referrals.mp4
9 mins
Vendor Networking & Backlink Request Email Templates.doc
13 KB
M4 Step 7 - Pinterest and Social Media.mp4
9 mins
M4 Step 8 - Be Someone's Success Story.mp4
10 mins
M4 Step 9 - The MOST Important SEO Strategy!.mp4
6 mins

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