Travel Photography Editing & Instagram Masterclass by Signature Edits

Travel Photography Editing & Instagram Masterclass

Travel & Instagram Photography With International Travel Photographer, @MRDANIELHAN


Daniel Han (@mrdanielhan) is an internationally renowned photographer. After losing his job as an engineer in 2008, he built his own wedding business in Southern California - One of the most competitive markets in the world. 

Developing his own signature style and combining his passion for adventure and the outdoors with wedding photography, he has had the chance to photograph all over the world, and has developed an influential following in the travel & lifestyle industry.

Join us as we roll back the curtain on Daniel Han's Signature Edits, and share his secret sauce. 

1) Learn directly from Daniel Han as he breaks down the exact process he uses to capture his iconic images.
2) Receive Daniel Han's never before released presets!
3) Walk with Daniel step by step through his entire editing process
3) Edit along with included RAW files for each image tutorial!
4) Grow your business, your creativity and your mindset as Daniel unpacks his secrets to building a business, setting yourself apart as a photographer, and taking your skills to the next level.

You Will Learn:

- Daniel's never before seen process for capturing and editing stunning imagery
- The keys to creating a thriving photography business
- Getting your first shoots + building a portfolio
- How to work with your passions to develop your own signature style
- How to make money as a lifestyle and travel photographer
- Step by step strategy to break in + get started in the travel & lifestyle industry
- Much, much more!

What's included?

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Opening Chapter
B4 We Begin *Download Files*.mp4
1 min
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LR Catalogue -
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Bag Breakdown - Daniel's Gear Runthrough.mp4
14 mins
Exclusive Interview
Getting Started + Finding Your Unique Style.mp4
10 mins
Art + Business Marketing & Finding Success.mp4
5 mins
Business Advice: Starting Strategy.mp4
13 mins
Business Advice: How To Become A Travel Photographer.mp4
2 mins
Business Advice: Travel Photographer Lifestyle.mp4
3 mins
Business Advice: Going Full Time + All In.mp4
4 mins
Business Advice: How To Start And Build Your Portfolio.mp4
7 mins
Business Advice: Networking + Investing In Others.mp4
6 mins
Business Advice: Value + Pricing Your Services.mp4
4 mins
Business Advice: How To Make $$ With Travel Photography.mp4
4 mins
Brand Partnerships: Getting Your First Shoot, Step By Step.mp4
6 mins
Pioneering & The Keys To True Greatness.mp4
6 mins
Behind The Image: Image Inspiration & Capture Process
Lighting + Composition.mp4
6 mins
Camera + Exposure Settings.mp4
3 mins
The #1 Way To Improve Your Photography.mp4
2 mins
Lake Louise, Alberta | Image Story + Capture Process.mp4
4 mins
Portraits, Composition & Discovery.mp4
5 mins
Getting Published + Stimulating Creativity.mp4
1 min
Cannon Beach, Oregon: Image Story + Capture Process.mp4
2 mins
Train Station, Japan: Image Story + Capture Process.mp4
2 mins
Conrad Glacier: Image Story + Capture Process.mp4
2 mins
Composition & Visual Storytelling.mp4
5 mins
Mastering Your Craft.mp4
6 mins
Image Edits
Image Edit Tutorial: Intro, Imports & Workflow.mp4
6 mins
Image Edit Tutorial: Peyto Lake.mp4
39 mins
Image Edit Tutorial: Kananaskis.mp4
18 mins
Image Edit Tutorial: Yoho Lake.mp4
18 mins
Image Edit Tutorial: Spirit Island.mp4
19 mins
Final Chapter
The Secret Sauce - Shortcuts To Success.mp4
6 mins
Wrap Up - Concluding Thoughts + Next Steps.mp4
2 mins

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