Moody Vibes Lightroom Collection - LR Presets & Workflow System by Ryan @ Signature Edits

Moody Vibes Lightroom Collection - LR Presets & Workflow System

Craving earthy vibes & creamy skin tones? Filmic fades & halcyon greens? - You'll LOVE Moody Vibes.


Dark, moody, filmic & nostalgic. For those who crave creamy skin tones & moody vibes. The moody vibe LR film pack & workflow system was created especially for you!

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For those after a darker shade...

Designed for those looking for deeper fades and darker tones. Emulating vintage films and inspired by foggy mornings and overcast skies. These presets are at their very best on cloudy days with slightly underexposed images.

The Secret Sauce? 1 Click Edits. 

Once your exposure and white balance are set, get the look in just 1 Click. Its seriously a game changer. We could go on and on and on about these presets and how epic they are, but we really don’t need to – The presets speak for themselves.

Want to see Moody Vibes in action? Watch now!

Included in this Preset Pack:

Moody Vibes includes 4 individual "Looks" with 4 variations of each look. Lots of options, without being overwhelming or confusing to figure out which is which. 

000---Reset All-----

01 MV Warm
02 MV Cold
03 MV Vintage
04 MV Earthy

05 MV Warm Fade
06 MV Cold Fade
07 MV Vintage Fade
08 MV Earthy Fade

09 MV B&W 
10 MV B&W Fade
11 MV Warm Denoise
12 MV Cold Denoise

13 MV Vintage Denoise
14 MV Earthy Denoise
15 MV Warm Fade Denoise
16 MV Cold Fade Denoise

17 MV Vintage Fade Denoise
18 MVEarthy Fade Denoise
19 MV B&W Denoise
20 MV B&W Fade Denoise

Adjustment brushes are what separates good edits from great edits! Add the polish to your final images and save a TON of time using preset adjustment brushes in our included Signature Edits Workflow System! Capable of the following effects:


01 SkinSoften+Desaturate
02 Line Diminisher
03 Hair + Lashes
04 Lip Enhancer
05 Eye Brightener
06 Iris Enhancer
07 Catchlight Enhancer
08 Catchlight Creator
09 Teeth Whitener


01 Add Texture
02 Water | Sky | POP
03 Cloud Enhancer


01 Sun Flare
02 Sun Flare Subtle
03 Save Blown Out Sky (Range Mask)
04 Dreamy Dehaze
05 Brooding Dehaze Darken


01 Print
02 Web/Blog
03 Facebook
04 Instagram

Seeing is believing right? 

All of these images were ONE CLICK EDITS.

What's included?

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XMP Version - Develop Presets - Moody
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Lrtemplate Version - Develop Presets - Moody
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Export Presets - Signature
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Adjustment Presets - Signature
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