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Photography Marketing Membership

Build a rock solid brand, book yourself solid & transform your business with over $2000 in training, presets & branding templates.

Wouldn't it be great if you could buy a photography business in a box?

  • Instead of spending thousands on brand design, you could just customize a few beautiful premade templates, WITHOUT the headache or expense.

  • Instead of spending years and $40,000 or more on a photography degree, you could access a 24/7 library of courses that walk you through every aspect of marketing a photography business.

  • Instead of trial & error you could follow a proven, step by step process, saving YEARS of effort and getting results in a fraction of the time.

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You're going to love the Photography Marketing Membership.

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Drag and drop marketing materials & templates

Create a gorgeous brand in a fraction of the time with access to a library of over $855 in templates (and counting)

Professional Lightroom workflows & presets

Receive all our Lightroom Preset Collections as well as our adjustment brush workflow set. 
Get better edits in less time. 

Step by step marketing workshops

We've broken everything down into easy to follow roadmaps covering everything. Get your website showing up on google, master social media, and build a network of referrals to book yourself solid (and much more.)

unlimited access to all our templates, presets & training.

"We booked 10 weddings in 2 months."

Marketing in a new country meant that no one knew us. We also knew that it is very easy to quickly spend a large amount of money on marketing with little results. We saw the detailed layouts and practical steps of the SEO course and really felt it corresponded to how we look at business.

We have been in the USA nearly 2 months now and have already been in top google page rankings for our service in our city, featured as filmmaker favorite cinematographers in LOVE STORY TV, official media partner for prime wedding expos, and the film production team for a magazine shoot.

Definitely worth investing in this tool.

Desmond Denton

Designed for photographers.

No generic marketing tools. All our resources, templates and courses are specifically made to address the unique challenges of the photography industry.

"All the real stuff, no fluff."

As a wedding photographer you’re always wanting to improve your business - investing in courses can be scary because you don’t know if it’s going to be worth your while. I’ve spent so much money in the past on other courses and I’ve been left disappointed. Ryan from Signature Edits is the real deal. He breaks everything down for you, and doesn’t hold anything back. All the real stuff, no fluff. 

Not only is the course content exceptional - The customer service is unmatched. Seriously, if you need help with something, they are ON IT, ready to help you through the bumps. 

Since taking the SEO course I’ve already noticed an uptick in traffic and have gotten published on multiple Wedding Sites. 

As soon as I finished the course, I purchased another course. To be completely honest - I don’t think I’ll trust anyone else in terms of educational investments. I’ll continue to recommend Ryan’s courses to every photographer I know.


Sam Wilde

Step by step training

We break everything down into easy & straight forward workshops that cover everything from website SEO to client meetings to instagram.

Straight forward action plans

You'll learn the most important, most effective steps for results.
We'll give you a no-nonsense roadmap to get there.

After all, you're running a business. 
Ain't nobody got time for long winded, overly technical training!

Your Brand Is An Experience

We'll give you all the templates you need to WOW your prospects and build a beautiful brand.

Take your marketing up a notch

Simply customize our drag and drop designs and tweak the pre-written text. 

No crazy design skills required.

A Better Impression = More Bookings.

Beautiful custom marketing materials instantly separate you from 90% of other photographers.

Risk Free Guarantee

We're 100% convinced this membership works. We stand behind it with a 30 day money back guarantee. (Details below)

Build your brand in a few simple clicks.

"Your tutorials are FREAKING AMAZING, and everything is so easy!"

Although I haven't had near enough time to use all the content I just wanted to shoot you a message to tell you just how helpful and frickin awesome it has been. I'm so grateful, just the templates alone have been so amazing and such a time saver for me.
Thanks legend!! 


Rachael Emmily
HOLY SMOKES!!!!! I have so much to say about your items. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I just finished my Family Guide and I LOVE IT! I just finished my business cards and I LOVE them! Your tutorials are FREAKING AMAZING and everything is so easy! I cannot thank you enough for everything! Just purchased everything!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Sigrid Dabelstein

Any of these sound familiar?

"I have no idea how to get clients"
"I’m just not getting enough (or any) inquiries"
"My inquiries aren’t turning into bookings"
"I’m having trouble charging higher prices / figuring out pricing"
"Social media is getting me nowhere"
"My branding & marketing needs work but I don’t have $$ for a designer"
"I’m struggling to build my photo business on the side"
"I need more experience, but I can’t get experience if no one will hire me!"
"I don’t have anyone to train me / show me how"
"I have no idea how to advertise"
"The city /town I’m in is heavily saturated." 
"I struggle with differentiating myself from other photographers"
"I have no idea how to get started"
"I know how to take photos, but how the heck do I run a business!"

Did you raise your hand to any of the above?

Good - You're in the right place!

"I have purchased over $2k worth of presets, training, tutorials, classes etc... Never has there been anything I have found in the last 6 years that comes close"

"My experience with Signature edits has been outstanding! Ryan delivers a very personal touch with what he does, and makes me feel like he truly cares and wants me to succeed. His material delivers detailed, actionable steps I can take to grow my business, and his marketing package provided plug-n-play branding templates and material that will help take anyone's photography business off the ground. He's been excellent at responding to emails and questions, and I have already learned so much from his videos and my communications with him. 
Thank you Ryan!"
Joel Arencibia
Just wanted to say I have purchased over $2k worth presets, training videos, tutorials, classes, etc and am so used to getting just bits and pieces from each product to use that I was really taken back by the value in your package you put together. Never has there been anything I have found in the last 6 years that comes close, very well done and I am very thankful I was able to find you. - Michael
Michael Gruich

Risk Free Guarantee

Sign up, apply the content inside, and if you don't see results in 30 days
simply reach out to us for a 100% refund. Fair enough?


Which kind of photography is this meant for? Weddings, family etc.

The principles of good marketing apply to all types of photography. The specific examples given in the workshops are most often wedding photography or family photography, however because the marketing workshops cover high level topics, 90% of the content is going to be relevant no matter what kind of photography you do. 

Does my membership expire, or do I have lifetime access?

Currently memberships do not expire, so you will have lifetime access to the resources. We are currently considering changing future memberships to an annual subscription, so if you want lifetime access, now is definitely the best time to buy!

How does your refund policy work?

We're 100% confident that the content inside the Photography Marketing School will get you results,
but you have to apply it for it to work! Our refund policy is a results guarantee. If you apply the strategies and don't see results, simply contact us and show us how you applied the content and it didn't work and if we can't solve the problem, we'll send you a full refund. 

What is included inside the membership? Courses, templates etc?

Literally every single item you see here on our store is included in your membership. In total your marketing membership includes well over $2000 in templates, workshops and presets. Have a look through our store and if you still have questions about what is included send us a message via the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Still have questions?

Send us a message and we'll get right back to you! Hit the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Get started today with Marketing School Unlimited

Get instant access & start building your business right now with over $2045 in templates, tools and training.

"I have literally booked so many meetings off the guide template just in the past few weeks of using it"

I absolutely love the pricing template. It has been a game changer for me, and I’ve had SO many potential clients give me amazing feedback after chstomizing it to my brand. It was easy to use, straight forward editing, and provided a look that is complimentary to my style. I appreciate your template so much!
Jess Casey
Whatever the weather or if Mercury is in retrograde- these guys will go on a limb to help you out. Fantastic preset but most importantly their customer service is amazing and that’s what makes a good small business! Happy to support :)
Maria Kanno
This is AMAZING!! I feel so excited to be able to send my clients something so professional looking. It is very easy to add your own photos and information to as well. I had a client even tell me how fun it was to answer the questionnaire! Very helpful and great customer service from the seller too! Thank you! I highly recommend this to everyone!
Heidi McKinlay
I had so many questions when purchasing this guide and the customer service was top notch. I quickly bought this due to a bridal show coming up and it's been game changing already in sending to possible couples. Thank You!!!! Highly Recommend any purchase from them!!!
Alan Murphy
Wow they went above and beyond, not only is the template beautiful but their customer service is 10/10. I had some trouble and am the most technically challenged person and the instructions and youtube tutorial were so helpful. Email responses were quick and helpful, I cant say enough wonderful things about this shop.
Wow!!! The online client questionnaire is amazing. The instructions are so straight forward and the layout is beautiful. I love how it includes the contract, model release and copyright info in there as well! Great job on this product!!
OMG!!!! You have made my life so incredibly easy! Love Love Love these branding templates and LOVE the google form! What a genius way to gather that information!!!
Jaime Dillmore
Great content that will help me with workflow and marketing my photography business! Signature Edits also provided excellent customer service by answering all of my questions quickly. A++ 100
Gorgeous layout and extremely on top of communication after purchase! Can’t wait to transition to my new wedding layout!
Ellie McKinney
I have literally booked so many meetings off the guide template just in the past few weeks of using it. The copy is just perfect!
Jenna Walker
Gorgeous design, great quality and super easy to customise. Love everything about it and would highly recommend it!
Ingrida Charalambous
I LOVE my welcome guide! Though I am not the most photoshop savvy, I'm getting the hang of it. But the quality is great and I can wait to get it finished!
Natacha Williams
This template is absolutely gorgeous and the owners make it so easy to customize. I had a question and they got back to me within minutes. Highly recommend for anyone trying to build your business!
Mary Haffner

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