Master Lightroom Classic - The Complete Course by Signature Edits

Master Lightroom Classic - The Complete Course

Your complete guide to editing beautiful photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC from scratch.

How would you like to edit like your favorite photographers?

We'll show you how.

Whether you're brand new to Lightroom or just want to improve your editing & workflow, this step by step Lightroom course will teach you everything you need to know to edit like a pro in Adobe Lightroom. 

What You'll Learn

  • Recreate popular instagram editing styles WITHOUT spending hundreds of $$ on presets.

  • Master your Lightroom workflow, just like a pro photographer

  • Improve photos, fixing any mistakes from your shoots

  • Add effects, film grain and localized adjustments to set your photography apart.

  • Set up Lightroom to run efficiently

  • Confidently use all the different editing tools inside of Lightroom

  • Create stunning portrait edits using pro portrait touchup techniques.

  • Organize your photos so you never lose another image

  • Backup your images so you never worry about losing pictures

  • Master batch editing & create your own custom presets for a faster workflow.

Recreate your favorite editing styles

Have an editing style you want to learn?

Submit your request and we will create a custom lesson teaching you your favorite editing style!

Edit along with the included practice images!

Video tutorials are great, but what really sets this course apart is the fact that you get to edit WITH the lessons using our included practice images. 

Edit along with us and you'll be a Lightroom wizard in no time. 

Custom lessons just for you!

The content in this Lightroom course is literally MADE FOR YOU. 
Having trouble with a specific edit? Need help recreating a certain style? 
Submit your request and we'll create a lesson covering that exact topic.

30 Day Guarantee

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and we'll see you in lesson 1!


Learn the most effective techniques in Lightroom, and create amazing images as quickly as possible.

Every section is broken down into simple, step by step videos. No prior experience with Lightroom necessary - we cover everything from the ground up.

Is this workshop right for you?

Would you like to...

- Feel confident using all the tools inside Lightroom?
- Learn pro techniques to edit your photos
- Edit your photos with that "magazine look"?
- Learn how to edit like your favorite photographer?
- Drastically speed up your editing workflow?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you.


"The advanced masking tips you have shared takes LR to a whole new level of processing! Thank you so much."

Shawnee Lamborn

What's included?

Video Icon 39 videos File Icon 2 files


Getting Started
Workshop Practice
500 MB
01 - Welcome & Intro.mp4
4 mins
02 - Importing Photos & Creating Catalogues.mp4
10 mins
02B - Easy Switching Between Catalogues In Lightroom.mp4
2 mins
03 - The Library Module Explained.mp4
12 mins
04 - The Develop Module Explained.mp4
13 mins
Essential Editing Tools
05 - White Balance.mp4
12 mins
06 - Basic Editing Panel.mp4
16 mins
07 - Presence, Vibrance & Saturation.mp4
7 mins
08 - The Tone Curve.mp4
14 mins
09 - HSL Panel.mp4
13 mins
10 - Using Split Toning.mp4
6 mins
11 - Sharpening & Noise Reduction.mp4
12 mins
12 - Lens Corrections & Profile Corrections.mp4
5 mins
13 - Transform Tool & Perspective Correction.mp4
6 mins
14 - The Effects Panel, Vignetting & Grain.mp4
3 mins
15 - Camera Calibration.mp4
8 mins
Additional Tools & Local Adjustments
16 - The Crop Tool.mp4
3 mins
17 - The Spot Removal Tool.mp4
6 mins
18 - The Red Eye Tool.mp4
1 min
19 - Graduated Filters & Range Masks.mp4
7 mins
20 - Radial Filters & Sun Flare.mp4
7 mins
21 - Local Adjustment Brushes.mp4
39 mins
22 - Importing, Creating & Using Presets In Lightroom.mp4
6 mins
23 - Color Profiles & Camera Profiles.mp4
3 mins
Workflow & Batch Editing
24 - Edit Faster With Batch Editing And Autosync.mp4
3 mins
Advanced Edits
25 - Advanced Portrait Editing Techniques.mp4
14 mins
25b - Creating Presets From Scratch.mp4
26 mins
Editing An Entire Engagement Shoot Start To Finish
Free Lightroom
158 KB
26 - Editing An Entire Engagement Shoot Intro.mp4
2 mins
27 - Sorting & Culling Your Images.mp4
15 mins
28 - Removing Rejects And Final Prep.mp4
3 mins
29 - Editing The Session Pt1.mp4
32 mins
30 - Using Reference View To Match Images.mp4
4 mins
31 - Syncing Camera Times & Changing Capture Date.mp4
3 mins
32 - Image Editing Cont'd.mp4
8 mins
33 - Spot Removal, Teeth Whitening & Texture.mp4
5 mins
34 - Editing A Landscape Photo.mp4
12 mins
35 - Special Effects Using Lens Corrections.mp4
3 mins
36 - Exporting Your Photos, Resizing For Web, And Delivering To Clients.mp4
7 mins
Other Tutorials
37 - Lightroom Running Slow? Optimize Performance & Speed Up Lightroom.mp4
14 mins

Are you ready to start creating amazing photos?

Take this course and start creating amazing edits in a fraction of the time.


What people say about our tutorials...

Thank you! I’m learning so much from your LR videos. My workflow will be much more efficient now.. and more fun too!
Hali Rosborough
You're the best! Thank you for all the teachings. Just purchased your presets and they have helped me so much more with adjustment brushes and properly editing with presets!!
Jaycob Sierra
Amazing explaining. It was super simple and easy to follow along. Being fairly new to LR, this was amazingly helpful.
Sanan Ibne
I can finally fix all those weird colour casts without spending ages playing with the HSL/Colour and never quite being 100% happy with it!
You're a lifesaver!
Xander Mcgrouther