Instagram Marketing Essentials by Signature Edits

Instagram Marketing Essentials

Learn the strategies to build a massive following on instagram, create deep connections with your followers, and actually turn those likes into paid photoshoots.

Instagram Marketing Essentials

A step-by-step online course to help you book more photoshoots with your ideal clients & make more money by building a killer instagram following. 

Want to learn how to grow your instagram like crazy?

Inside of instagram marketing essentials, you'll learn the keys to growing a successful instagram account and getting more photography bookings. We'll look at the absolute must use tools, techniques and strategies for reaching your target customer, connecting on a personal level, and gaining social credit (aka more followers!) We've condensed down all the core secrets to building your instagram and crammed it into just over 2 hours of content. All the good stuff - No fluff.

As usual, every course we sell comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% moneyback guarantee. 

We literally guarantee you'll love it! 

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What's included?

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V0 Welcome + Key Points.mp4
5 mins
V0.5 Weeds vs Plants.mp4
4 mins
V1 9 Keys To Crushing It With Instagram.mp4
8 mins
V2 Success Leaves Clues - Identifying key factors for breakthrough results.mp4
20 mins
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V3 Creating Follow Worthy Content + Curating Your Feed.mp4
17 mins
V4.5 Optimizing Your Profile.mp4
6 mins
V4 Maximising Your Engagement & SEO.mp4
18 mins
V5 Engagement Pods & Social Proof.mp4
7 mins
V6 Wow Marketing & The Power Of Networking.mp4
7 mins
V7 Gaining Followers Through Interaction. Comments, Follow Unfollow + Automation Strategies.mp4
8 mins
V9 4 Places To Get Great Instagram Content.mp4
15 mins
V8 Auto Follow Unfollow With Captivate Demo Walkthrough.mp4
3 mins
V10 Ads & Boosted Posts.mp4
6 mins
V11 Conclusion.mp4
2 mins
*BONUS* Instagram Photo Grid Template.psd
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