Email Templates for Wedding Photographers by Ryan at Signature Edits

Email Templates for Wedding Photographers

A proven system to secure more bookings and cut your email time in half!

What's included?

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The fortune is in the follow-up.

They say the fortune is in the followup - And when we started applying this to our wedding business, we saw the number of enquiries who decided to book with us almost DOUBLE!

Over the last 5 years we've developed these 37 wedding photographer email templates, along with a followup system that takes clients from casual inquiry to booking with our studio.

We can't guarantee you'll double your bookings - But we can promise you'll see significant improvement (and save TONS of time writing emails!) after you implement this system. 

►Book more weddings with a proven email system
►Cut your email writing time in half using wedding email templates.  
►Take brides all the way from inquiries to booking
►Get TONS of Client Reviews!
►BONUS Online Wedding Questionnaire Template!

Why Use Email Templates?

* Save SO MUCH time responding to emails!
* Handle client objections in one click
* Book more brides by using a professionally crafted email followup sequence. 
* Easily network with vendors + grow your referral base


All of these email templates are delivered to you in .doc format, which can be opened with any text program such as word, open office, or text edit. These templates are EASY to use and incorporate into your workflow.

Templates Included:

01 Wedding Enquiry Response
02 Wedding Enquiry Already Booked + Referral
03 Engagement Shoot Enquiry
04 Day 2 No Response Followup
05 Day 3 No Response Followup
06 Day 4 No Response Followup
07 Day 5 No Response Followup

08 Confirm Engagement Session + What to wear guide
09 Engagement Photo Delivery Email + Review Request
10 Engagement Guestbook Album Upsell
11 Confirm Phone Consultation 
12 Confirm In Person Consultation
13 Post Consultation Followup + Book
14 Finalize Booking
15 Confirm Deposit + Contract

16 Pre Wedding Email
17 Pre Wedding Email Followup

18 Post Wedding Sneak Peak Photos + Social Media
19 Post Wedding Overdue Payment
20 Post Wedding Gallery Delivery 
21 You’ve been published!

22 Wedding Album Upsell - Soft Sell
23 Wedding Album Upsell - Hard Sell + Design Process
24 Wedding Album Photos Received
25 Wedding Album First Draft
26 Wedding Album Final Review
27 Wedding Album Delivery PAY + SHIP
28 Wedding Album Delivery PAY + PICKUP
29 Album Delivery Followup

30 Post Wedding Vendor Network Email
31 Client Review Request

32 Vacation Autoresponder
33 Styled Shoot Vendor Invitation
34 Styled Shoot No Response Followup
35 Styled Shoot Question Response - Whats A Styled Shoot?
36 Client Objection - Overbudget
37 Client Objection - Pricing Breakdown

Get The Email Templates Used By Professionals

These email templates use the exact wording we use in our own professional wedding photography studio to make close to 6 figures per year.

Honestly, we cannot even BEGIN to describe how much time using these photography email templates save!

- Communications are consistent with all couples,
- Spend 1/10th the time writing emails,
- A proven system for taking a client from initial contact, all the way to booking!
- Upsell engagement guestbooks and wedding albums,
- Get TONS of client reviews, build your expert authority.

-Build vendor relationships
-Gain referrals, create styled shoots and build your network
-Consistent brand experience across all communication

Templates are Microsoft Word text files, so you can change them and copy and/or paste them into your own email software.

Perfect for wedding photographers, as well as videographers with a little tweaking!

►►BONUS►► See it in action! We've included a free in depth tutorial video, showing exactly how to get the most out of your photography workflow email templates using any email software such as text expander, or a FREE gmail alternative! 


NOTE - These templates are for your own personal business only, and cannot be resold. 
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Reproduction or resale of these templates (even after they have been tweaked by you) is strictly prohibited.

A proven system for results.

Save Time & Book More Weddings!


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