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Email Marketing For Photographers

Book yourself SOLID using email marketing for photographers!

Want more inquiries & bookings than you know what to do with?

In this course you'll learn the exact step by step strategies you need to take to book yourself SOLID.

Use email to blow our inquiries through the roof, book more inquiries, and turn bookings into repeat customers who hire you again and again.


The first 20 customers will receive the entire course for just $75!
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Zero fluff training that maximizes results.

This course is designed to be all killer, no filler. 

While we could easily spend 100 hours diving into all the technical aspects of email marketing, we know you're probably not here to nerd out on complicated techno nonsense. 

You're probably here because you want the A-->Z roadmap to get more inquiries and build your business.

This course is made to give you the key strategies for results as quickly as possible. 

We've condensed a 100hr topic into 4.5 hrs of results-driven training, and included all the tools and templates you're going to need to implement the strategies we walk through. 

We're giving you what took us hundreds of hours of research (and years of practice!) in a step by step walkthrough that you can set up on a Saturday off. 

See What's Inside:



What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos File Icon 12 files


M0 V0 Welcome + Intro.mp4
3 mins
The 20k Foot View.mp4
13 mins
M1 V1 - Big Picture.mp4
8 mins
M1 V2 - Creating Your Irresistible Offer.mp4
11 mins
M1 V3 - Setting Up The System pt1.mp4
32 mins
M1 V4 - Setting Up The System pt2.mp4
8 mins
M1 V5 - 14 Hacks For More Inquiries.mp4
25 mins
M1 V6 - 14 Hacks For More Inquiries pt2 - Popups.mp4
8 mins
M1 V7 - 14 Hacks For More Inquiries pt3 - Setup Popups in SQUARESPACE.mp4
6 mins
M1 V8 - 14 Hacks For More Inquiries pt4 - Setup Popups in WORDPRESS.mp4
15 mins
M1 V9 - 14 Hacks For More Inquiries pt5 - Website Menu & Footer.mp4
6 mins
M1 V10 - 14 Hacks For More Inquiries pt6 - Sidebar + Sticky Sidebar.mp4
8 mins
M1 V11 - 14 Hacks For More Inquiries pt7 - Final Hacks!.mp4
14 mins
Module 1 Course Bonuses
The Irresistible Offer Idea List.doc
16.5 KB
The Ultimate Wedding Timeline Guidebook!.pdf
5.12 MB
59.6 MB
Getting Started Instructions - Engagement Style Guide.pdf
191 KB
52.2 MB
Successful Landing Page Components Cheatsheet.jpg
348 KB
Upside Down Website Banner Designs.psd
30.5 MB
M2 - Turning Inquiries into Bookings
M2 V1 - Big Picture Overview.mp4
6 mins
M2 V2 - Hot Lead Sequence Strategy.mp4
11 mins
M2 V3 - Hot Lead Sequence Setup.mp4
11 mins
M2 V4 - Cold Lead Sequence .mp4
22 mins
M2 Course Bonuses
Irresistible Offer Emails - Wedding Photographer
39 KB
Irresistible Offer Emails - Family Photographer
32.5 KB
Family Photography Studio Email Templates.doc
29.5 KB
Wedding Photography Studio Email Templates
89.5 KB
Wedding Email Templates Readme
229 KB
M3 - The Photography Flywheel
M3 V1 - The Photography Flywheel & The Power Of The List.mp4
12 mins
M3 V2 - Creating Your Content Plan.mp4
18 mins
M3 V3 - Writing Killer Emails.mp4
13 mins
M3 V4 - Setting Up Your Golden Goose.mp4
19 mins
M3 V5 - Concluding Thoughts + Share Your Story!.mp4
2 mins

$200+ in bonus templates.

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