The Build Your Own Preset Toolkit by Signature Edits

The Build Your Own Preset Toolkit

Build your own custom Lightroom presets & create your own 100% unique look with the one of a kind
Lightroom Preset Creation Toolkit

Ever wish you could make your own custom presets?

You're not alone. Using the exact same presets as everybody else isn't super inspiring or fun, and it definitely doesn't help set your photography apart.

Now you can.

The build your own preset toolkit
a completely new approach to Lightroom presets. 


Mix and match your own custom presets

Build your own presets from the ground up following with our step by step framework.
Combine your favorite options to create original presets tailored perfectly to your style.

The end result? Presets that fit you perfectly, and are 100% unique to you.

7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

99% of presets out there are final sale.
We think that's pretty ridiculous.

Buy our presets & try them for yourself. 
If you don't love them, send us a message within 7 days of purchase for a 100% refund.

Risk free, hassle free, easy peesy 
- Fair enough?


"1-click and done! "

I have tested your presets, and I love them! I have gone through them, mixed them with my own workflow and saved them based on the way I capture my images. Now I have a perfect set that is pretty much 1-click and done! And it didn’t take me as much time to customize them since you’ve already done a lot of the “tweaking” in Lightroom already! I’ve tried so many pre-made presets in the past, and in all honesty, yours have worked the best for me! Now I just have to go through the other ones that I purchased and do the same for my more “creative” images. I can’t wait to customize those as well. I’ve even done some house keeping on my installed presets and downsized them tremendously! Yours are keepers for sure...Very well done! 
Rhonda Lampe


Which camera types will work with these presets?

Everything is built to work across all types of cameras for both raw and jpg image formats. 
We test our settings on a wide variety of cameras prior to releasing them. 

Will these work on both raw & jpg files?


Can I share this with other photographers?

All purchases are meant for your own personal use, and are not licensed for resale or sharing. If you want to share about how awesome your experience is, please send others to our shop or sign up for our affiliate program!

What if they don't work for me? Do you accept returns?

If you don't love your presets, just send us a message within 7 days and we'll send you a full refund. 

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! Share Signature Edits with your friends & community, and receive 50% commission on all sales purchased through your link. Some of our partners make $500+ per month simply sharing reviews of our products.
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